Statement on Region of Durham Black History Month Scavenger Hunt

Statement on Region of Durham Black History Month Scavenger Hunt: 

 Durham Region Labour Council stands in solidarity with CUPE members and other workers at the Region of Durham in condemning the Black History Month activities circulated by the Region to employees this month. Black History Month is meant to provide a dedicated time to celebrate the ways in which our society is enriched by the contributions of people of African and Caribbean descent. The racist and offensive tasks that employees were asked to complete by the Region of Durham only amplify how far employers have to go before they take seriously the issues facing Black and other racialized workers in their workplaces. 

The impact of this racist action goes beyond the walls of the Region of Durham as an employer, and has deeply affected Black workers and residents across the Region. Citizens of Durham expect far more from their elected representatives and government agencies who should be leading the way in the fight against anti-black racism. We call on the Region of Durham to take transparent steps to show their accountability and how they will restore trust with Black employees and residents of the Region of Durham.