Labour Day 2019

Great support, volunteers, weather, music, games, and more! A HUGE thanks to our tireless cooks and volunteers, could not have done it without you. Have a look at some photos from the day: 












Our President's Letter to the Editor:


Things like Medicare, minimum wage and parental leave were won thanks to working people across Canada. This is why every year on Labour Day Canada’s unions celebrate working people as we all continue our work to improve the lives of all Canadians.

But there is a threat creeping across Canada. The rising voice of hatred, and the normalization of racism are tearing apart the fabric of this country. We must not be fooled by politics of fear and division. Those who exploit people’s fear and insecurity to fuel racism and intolerance do not have our best interest at heart. Precarious work is on the rise, and many workers don’t have access to the training required to do their jobs effectively and safely.

We are also in the midst of a climate emergency. It is time to take bold action on climate change by investing in green manufacturing and infrastructure, better transit, and green home and building retrofits. Ambitious climate action will help create good jobs to support families and communities, while ensuring that Canada does its part to protect the planet.

This Labour Day, let’s all commit to revisiting our revolutionary roots and renewed efforts to fight for a better Canada.

Tiffany Balducci

President, Durham Region Labour Council